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All bridges can be custom made to fit your layout!

Bridge Photo Galleries

1008-foot Suspension Bridge - Realistic Cable $630
1014 to 6-foot Arched Deck Truss - 18-inches tall$385
1028-foot Arched Deck Truss - 18-inches tall$695
10390 degree Curved Deck Girder, 5' diameter curve$220
1045' Deck Truss 9" high$230
105Hellgate Bridge$920
1063' Reversible Deck or Through Truss$175
1072' Curved Open Through Truss$130
1085' Truss with 18" Deck Girder$290
1093' Flat-Top Through Trestle$180
1103' Flat Top, I-beam construction$235
1115' Curved Chord Truss, I-beam or light-weight construction.$445
1122' 6" Deck and Thru TrussesVariable
1133' Reversible Deck or Through Girder$155
1142' Round-End Girder$130
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Cog Train ModulesVariable
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