Eaglewings Iron Craft
Indoor & Outdoor Bridges
All bridges can be custom made to fit your layout!

Bridge Photo Galleries

1008-foot Suspension Bridge - Realistic Cable
1014 to 6-foot Arched Deck Truss - 18-inches tall
1028-foot Arched Deck Truss - 18-inches tall
10390 degree Curved Deck Girder, 5' diameter curve
1045' Deck Truss 9" high
105Hellgate Bridge
1063' Reversible Deck or Through Truss
1072' Curved Open Through Truss
1085' Truss with 18" Deck Girder
1093' Flat-Top Through Trestle
1103' Flat Top, I-beam construction
1115' Curved Chord Truss, I-beam or light-weight construction.
1122' 6" Deck and Thru Trusses
1133' Reversible Deck or Through Girder
1142' Round-End Girder
Draw Bridge
Cog Train Modules
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