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Single Track (per foot)$18.00
Double Track (per foot)$25.00
Triple Track (per foot)$32.00
Quadruple Track (per foot)$40.00
4 and 5 foot diameter, 90 degree$85.00
4 and 5 foot diameter, 45 degree$50.00
6 foot 6 inch diameter, 90 degree$105.00
6 foot 6 inch diameter, 45 degree$60.00
8 foot diameter, 90 degree$125.00
8 foot diameter, 45 degree$80.00
10 foot diameter, 90 degree$165.00
10 foot diameter, 45 degree$105.00
3' switch, single to double track$140.00
3' switch, double to triple track$190.00
3' switch, double to quadruple track$225.00
1 foot deep by 2 foot long shelf$45.00
2 1/2 inch by 3 foot tree and plant shelf$35.00
Inside 5 foot diameter shelf$60.00
Inside 8 foot diameter shelf$70.00
Inside 10 foot diameter shelf$85.00
Custom shelves available Ask for quote
Wall bracket (for single track)$20.00
Ceiling bracket (for single track up to 18 inches long)$25.00
Wall-mounted curve bracket$35.00
Wall-mounted curve bracket w/ design$55.00
Concave wall mount$35.00
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